Quality Assurance

For us the quality means the client satisfaction. Our clients come with varied quality requirements, and our jobs is to make sure that their requirements are fully met.

We have developed a quality framework to ensure quality of our services for varied kind of projects and varied sizes of projects. It also takes into account the varied quality requirements of the client and at different project levels.

The principle of our quality framework are discussed below, however the main principle is that IF WE DO NOT DELIVER WHAT WE WILL COMMIT TO DELIVER, THEN WE SHALL GIVE YOU THE FULL REFUND OF PROJECT FEE. Yes, this is true.

The AIM of our Quality Assurance Framework
  • To meet the unique requirements of every project
  • To make our clients feel that their project is safest hands in the world
  • To make the expectations/requirements very clear in the beginning of the project
  • To commit a level of quality and delivering it without questioning
  • To not compromise on the deadlines which meeting requirements
We make the following commitments
We will deliver, what we commit.

We will deliver what we will commit with you. No questions are asked after the specification is agreed upon. We will deliver what we have committed.

We follow development process.

We follow development process for each project. Its possible that a development process which is good for large project, would be relevant for small jobs too. But all the required steps for each project shall be followed to make sure that its delivered on time and within the quality framework.

We will engage you at every level of project.

Your engagement at every level of the project development is paramount. This ensures that the work is going in right direction and being followed by the client. We believe that continuous engagement help to avoid misunderstandings.

We pledge to continuous refinement.

We pledge to keep improving our quality framework and listen our clients & their views on how to improve the existing processes.

We will reserve best skill set & quality resources for you.

Assigning the right amount of resources the project and making sure that every resource have the required skill set to carry out the job being assigned to him.