Internet Marketing: Press Releases

The off-page search engine optimization is largely based on quality link building. And "making press releases" is one of the link building method.


Internet Marketing: Press Releases

Posted By:-Rocky Singh

The off-page search engine optimization is largely based on quality link building. And "making press releases" is one of the link building method.
Anyone business can make a press release, whenever they start a new service, launch a new product or anything that could be interesting for people to know about your organization/business.
Basically, press release is for the media guys to pick it up and report it to the public. There are various FREE and Paid platforms to make your press release.
Press release is always in the form of a write-up that includes the details about your service/product or whatever you are releasing press release for.

Is releasing a press release really works?
I posted this question on LinkedIn and found some really interesting answers:

Heather Baker  Answers:

"There is NO value whatsoever in free press release submission sites.
- yes they give you backlinks, but these are nofollow backlinks so worthless for seo.
- yes they give you visibility online, but have you ever met anyone who goes to a release submission site for news?
- while the home pages of these sites are well optimised, the page on which your release goes is not.
when it comes to getting media coverage there are no shortcuts - you need a good story that you can pitch to journalists.
Article-based marketing is a good alternative to free press release sites - for various reasons - dofollow backlinks, great optimisation, used as a resource by journalists etc.
But the content needs to be unique and useful, so again not a shortcut. "


Ramesh Kumar Answers:

"Few journalists seem to be picking stories from these free sites. They want 'some spicy stuff' to build a story around.
I am not sure by submitting to PR websites, you get visibility. that happens only when some journalists pick it up and build a story around and publish
Ideally if a journalist understands your story and is convinced that readers will be interested in the story, your details may be published in the article.
Make some friends with Media people and/or hire a PR agency. "


Elizabeth Ball Answers:

"There are dozens of free press release submission sites out there but I think the most effective thing is to post to one (ore more) consistently so you build up a bank of info. Visitors can then check out your other releases which helps to position you(r client) as a guru. "


You can find a complete list of answers here:
How to publish press release:
There are several FREE press release submission sites. but I am not sure if that can serve your purpose of obtaining high quality back links. But yes, they can do give you back links.

And there are some high quality PAID services that can really help you get more visibility.

FREE Sites to submit press release: