Is your website mobile friendly or responsive?

Recent Google Mobile Update will punish your mobile search ranking if your website is not mobile friendly or responsive. Read this article if you want to know - How to verify if your website is mobile friendly and what to do if its not.


Is your website mobile friendly or responsive?

Posted By:-Mani Singla

Google has recently (21st April, 2015) released a new mobile update to its search algorithms. read the full Google blog post here.  It is going to badly effect those websites' ranking in Google search results (on mobile phones) which are not mobile friendly. This is really significant as more users, all over the world, are browsing from their smart phones instead of their desktop computers or laptops. 
As the update has already been rolled out, so the main question is that, what you should do, to be sure that you are not affected by this update. Here are the steps. 
How to test if your website is mobile friendly or not? 
Go to this Google Mobile Testing Tool. Enter your website URl and It will show you if your website is mobile friendly or not. 
Check if your website is mobile friendly.


If your website is Mobile friendly then its all OK - You can relax and there is nothing to worry about. this Google update does NOT apply to your website. 

Cheers! Your website is mobile friendly.

If test result is negative. Then you should take immeiate action. 
Sorry - Your website is not mobile friendly.


What should you do if your website is NOT mobile friendly. 
You can take one of the two actions - discussed below. The decision is very subject and it depends upon your budget as well as website type. 

4.1 - You should consider complete re-design of your website. Build a new responsive website. 
4.2 - Make your existing website moible friendly or responsive. 
As I mentioned above, the decision is very subjective and depends upon various factors like budget, website type, criticaity of the ranking etc... Get in touch with your web developer to discuss your project and find the best solution. 
Note: It does not cost much to make your website mobile friendly if your website is small business website, but it can may need substaintial budget for a ecommerce or large website. 
Get in touch with us today discuss your website. We have experienced web developers who can help you make desicion by discussing pros and cons of each apprach.