Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is highly competitive domain. Many business dealing in same domain compete to gain the top position in Google. The reason is that, Top position on Google for your best business keywords can transform your business for the better.


cWebConsultants India, has dedicated team of search engine optimization professionals with more than 5 years of industry experience. They know what works with Google and what do not work.


We have specific RESULT ORIENTED SEO programs based on your type of business and budget. The details of which are provided below. If any of the program does not fit your requirements, you can get in touch with us on this email address, we shall design a custom program for you.


In case, our SEO professionals are not able to provide you measure-able results every successive month (this has not happened till date), we shall return your advance. And we will work FREE of cost until there you considerable improvement in keyword rankings.

One time SEO Program

In this program, our expert developers and seo professionals collaborate to review your website in detail. They fix even the minor issues on your web pages which might be an impediment, in the way to Google Rankings
The price and time required for this program depends upon the size of website and technology used to build the website.

On page SEO guarantee

We guarantee that your website must be indexed by Google once you go through our one time seo program. The Indexing by Google is guaranteed. If this does not happen with-in one month, we shall return the full amount.

On Going SEO Program

This program has the "one-time SEO program" built into this. However, the program is on-going program with minimum duration of 3 months. The client pays every month for the online reputation building work carried out by our team of search engine experts.

Our experts use powerful tools to ascertain your current internet ranking on Google and work every month to raise it in Google search. This job has many steps like Keyword research, On page optimization, Finding Landing pages, optimizing landing pages, content writing, Link Building, Social Media Optimization, Monitoring, Reporting etc.

There are many on-going seo programs, we are sure one of them must fit your business requirements.

Off Page SEO Guarantee

We guarantee that keyword rankings shall improve every month. If there is no improvement in the keyword rankings, we shall not charge you any amount.